Anne Sharman

Psychic Clairvoyant Tarot and Healer Past Life Regression


We often have dreams that we do not understand or cannot interpret. 

A lot of these dreams are just bits and pieces of the day that  the brain has collected along the way.  Some dreams are quite profound and have a meaning but we do not always know what that meaning is and how we should act on it.  Some dreams are lucid dreams, this means that you dream very clearly and feel like you are actually in that dream and really there.  This often occurs when someone close to has has died.  Sometimes they will make their selves known to you in a clear and wonderful dream like state.  Again this feels so real and is an amazing and wonderful experience as many people say that their loved one was really with them.   

I get a lot of people asking me to interpret their dreams and I find dreams fascinating.  I do not need to know anything about a person when interpreting their dreams as it is always self explanatory to me.  There are different dream dictionaries that are available to make your own choices about what your dreams mean to you, but when I work with you  I combine my analysis with my clairvoyance to give an more in depth and rounded account.


If you would like me to interpret your dreams for you and give you an idea why you are dreaming certain dreams,  then please email me -  your dream in detail and I will analyse it for you and email you back a report of my interpretation and suggestions of how you can work on this or analyse any fears that you may have.  The cost of  dream interpretation  is £25 and you can pay by Paypal on my Payment page. 


A lot of people say that they do not dream but everyone has to, it is the brains way of downloading stuff from the day. It maybe that you cannot remember your dreams but it can be taught how to do this if you so wish. I have given two exercises below to allow you to do this if you so wish. 

  •  As you are going to sleep visualise that you have a blue light in your throat area. Visualise this light glowing and filling up your throat, then concentrate on this light as you are going to sleep and know that you will remember your dreams the next day. Next morning you should remember your dreams but you can also visualise the blue light again to help jog your memory. 
  • Before dropping off to sleep tap the centre of your forehead (your third eye) with your forefinger and say to yourself "I will remember my dreams in the morning".  The next morning when awaking tap your third eye again with your forefinger and you should remember the dreams that you had the night before.  

Always have a note pad and pen beside the bed so that you can jot down anything you dream if you wake up in the night and also first thing the next morning.  I have often scribbled down notes in the middle of the night that I do not remember when reading them back the next day.  This will prompt you to remember the dream.  One word of warning - doing these exercises over a a period of time can lead to you waking up after every dream and therefore giving you a bit of a broken night's sleep.  I would suggest that you just experiment and see what works for you.