Anne Sharman

Psychic Clairvoyant Tarot and Healer Past Life Regression


Have you ever wondered who you were or what you did in a previous lifetime?

Or maybe you have had flashes of a previous life/lives before in a dream or in a sort of deja vu experience.  Maybe you have deep feelings for someone that you hardly know in this life but feel you have known before on a soul level.  Many people believe that we bring forward with us into this life, issues that we didn't resolve in a past incarnation and keep on experiencing until we learn how to deal with it.  For the most, Past Life Regresssion (PLR) is a way of experiencing a life that you had before your present incarnation here on earth.  It may be that you will experience more than one Past Life in a PLR session with me which is quite normal.



A Past Life session with me will last a maximum of one hour.  You will be sitting comfortably in a chair or on a couch  and  I will put you into a deep state of relaxation. Whilst in this hypnotic type of state, I will guide you back into your past life/lives and you will feel perfectly safe and comfortable.  This can be and usually is, a very vivid experience, most people are able to recount their experience very well after the session.  Whilst in the session you will be aware of your everyday surroundings as well as your life in the past. At any time that you feel uncomfortable you will simply bring yourself out of the hypnotic relaxed state into the present day.  I will talk to you through the session and you will respond back with answers to my questions.  I will never ask you a leading question with a multi choice answer, it is good to see how much information the client is able to report once they are in their past life regression. I also will make notes for you to take away with you although you will remember your experience as you will be conscious of what you are saying at the time.  


I am a qualified  Past Life Regression Therapist  and hold a Diploma in Past Life Regression.  (Dip. PLRT)  I have many years experience of relaxation and meditation techniques which is advantageous in this field of work.  I have also run Past Lives workshops .  

Although it has to be said that an unpleasant experience is rare, and if it does happen, the client is soon back to normal as it seems that they feel disconnected to it after their regression.  

Please Note: This type of  regression is only to enable you to revisit a past life. It is not to visit a time in this lifetime that you may want to re visit.  If this is what you are looking for then please seek out a professional Hypnotherapist that deals with those sort of issues.   

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