Anne Sharman

Psychic Clairvoyant Tarot and Healer Past Life Regression


For many years now I worked with creative visualisation meditation.  I learnt to use and work with this type of meditation with author and healer Denise Linn, many years ago.  Denise has kindly written me a letter of recommendation for my work.  This type of meditation is extremely powerful and yet such a simple process. Many people who say they cannot meditate find they can do so with my meditation processes. 

Creative Visualisation Meditation is a guided meditation process. It induces a state of total relaxation and inner harmony.  In meditation there is awareness of what is going on in your mind. It helps you to withdraw from external reality and achieve deep relaxation in both body and spirit. Meditation also helps develop spiritual awareness and enlightenment. However, in Western society it is more recognised as a way of dealing with the stresses and strains of our every day lives.  I  work on Self Confidence and Assurance, Inner Strength, Forgiveness and Manifestation of Abundance and Health.  I work in small groups or an individual basis and work with corporate clients.

Regular meditation is beneficial in many ways; for example, it helps concentration and promotes positive thinking and inner strength. It has been known to lower blood pressure, and apparently keeps you looking young!  It can help to stop you worrying and gives you confidence. It decreases stress hormone production and encourages deeper sleep. People will notice that they are reacting towards things in a different and more positive way. Once practised a meditative state can be induced very quickly and effectively and is easy to do anywhere, whenever you have a quiet few minutes. When you have finished your meditation it will leave you with a sense of inner peace, well-being and calm. It also energises and sharpens your awareness at the same time. It can help change the vibration of those around you and many people have worked on changing their relationships with others during this process successfully.  If you can day dream then you can meditate! 



My meditation CD GUIDED MEDITATIONS WITH ANNE SHARMAN VOLUME 1 is retailing from this website, for £10 including postage and packing to the UK.  Please contact me through the website contact page by email regarding this. 

ALSO AVAILABLE FROM:   The Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall, Stansted Essex, Miracles 143 Bexleyheath Broadway, Kent.


Track 1: Introduction & FAQ’s - 6mins:16secs 

I answer frequently asked questions about meditation.

Track 2: Letting Go - 20mins:56secs Go.mp3

Learn to let go of things that you do not need to carry around with you any more in your life, and bring things into your life that you do.  This track enables you to release and de-stress and then to manifest positivity.

Track 3: Angel Palace - 15mins :21secs Palace.mp3


Meet your Angels in their beautiful world,  and let them attune you to their vibrations to enable you to hear and sense them more clearly

Track 4: Meet Your Guides - 20mins :43secs Your Guide.mp3

Keep your appointment to meet and speak with your spirit guide and let your energies mingle with each other. 

All tracks are original scripts channeled and spoken by myself with original spiritual music composed and played by Wendy Butcher.  The whole CD lasts just over an hour.  

Comments I have received:

"Your voice is so soothing Anne, I have your CD on my ipod and listen to it all the time" !   Sonia

"When I listened to your meditation on Spirit Guides I was so taken by surprise as I "saw" my grandfather who died when I was five over 70 years ago!, I cannot get over it, it was wonderful" Pat

"Your voice is so relaxing Anne, I just love this CD and have never tried doing this before but I listen nearly everyday as it helps me keep calm and relaxed and I love the music". Linda

"I bought your CD after attending your workshop on Angels, I love it and have even enticed my husband to listen to it!  The Spirit Guide meditation is just fantstic"  Jan

"Really enjoyed doing each exercise on the CD Anne, thank you! "  Sarah S

Corporate Relaxation

Let me help you get the best out of your employees by helping them to relax and meditate.

 I  taught the Creative Visualisation  form of meditation to the staff of the Music Alliance in Central London for over 5 years and also to the staff of the British Museum.   I have successfully run lunchtime meditation groups in in central London.  This type of group enables the workforce to learn how to relax and be focused by learning how to enhance their skills and to release negativity thus becoming less stressed and encouraging more positivity. 


For your enjoyment here is a beautiful video clip to enjoy, help you relax and find peace within.