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Readings by Skype

Posted on June 8, 2014 at 12:50 AM

I like giving Skype readings. Some people find it difficult to travel to see me. I have worked in central London in Mysteries and also in Gravesend and Bluewater and more recently Bexleyheath in Kent. I know that some of my clients travel a fair distance and it can be time consuming for them and also means that occasionally they are late or get lost en route! People who live north of the Thames really never get their timing right as they are used to travelling by tube and we don’t have them this side of the river! This is where I find a suggestion of a Skype reading works very well. I have read for people all over the world. The States, Australia, New Zealand etc. I also give Skype readings to people in the UK because it is too far for them to travel. People ask how it works? I tell them that a Skype reading is good because it still enables me to tap into the energy of someone even though they are not sitting with me. It is good to be able to see a person’s face and see their aura when giving this type of reading.

I also give telephone readings but I do think that Skype gives an added boost to the reading and also it is free for the person calling too. Just recently I have been doing more Skype readings for people as I have been contacted by people that live further afield. A mediumship connection is also better when a reading takes place on Skype rather than over the phone as I can see the person that I am linking to better. I like working with people’s energy too and even though they are on a laptop I can still feel it! Don’t ask me how that one works but trust me it does! 


However anyone wishes to have their reading I always say just enjoy it, go with the flo and you will receive what you need to receive. 



I am also available to give one to one psychic/spiritual development assessments by Skype also.If you do decide to have a Skype reading or assessment  or class with me do get in touch with my through my contact page on here and arrange a time and date.  You just need to pay me through Paypal on my Payment page in advance of the session. 


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