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How Do You Know You Could Do This?

Posted on May 21, 2014 at 6:55 AM


How did you know you could do this work? That is a question that I am very often asked by a client. Well, I always knew or rather I knew I was a bit different because I have always been a bit more creative and open minded than a lot of people, I had a sort of knowing. I would have amazing dreams, and there were times that I just knew things that others didn’t. I thought everyone could sense what a person was like just by meeting them or have a good idea of how things were going to turn out in a situation. Obviously I was wrong but it didn’t occur to me that it was a wonderful gift or skill that I was given to use. I always say to people that this way of life chooses you and not the other way around!

I was put in situations that I had to sink or swim in and found that I got given spiritual help and guidance, I was thrown in at the deep end (all water bases analogies I know!) and just slipped into the role of being advisor and psychic to friends and family, it grew from there. I did an extensive amount of training and reading and research and there is a huge abundance of knowledge out there still for me to tap into and I am continually learning. Don’t be in a rush to do this work, let it come to you in the way it needs to is my advice to people. These days everything and everyone wants to fast track everything. You need to go through life’s experiences to be able to be a good counsellor, psychic, facilitator and that means time and experience. I look back and look at all the major catastrophes in my life and realise the reason they were put there in my way. I have learnt from them all however hard it was at the time.

I find it difficult at times, there are days where I tear my hair out at the way things work out. I find the strength and carry on. In the past 10 years I have accomplished so much, I have had my written worked published both here and overseas, I have appeared as a presenter and psychic on Sky TV I have helped and worked with countless people who I would never had met if not for my work. It is a difficult pathway to walk but very rewarding.



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