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Meditation and Visualisation

Posted on January 21, 2014 at 3:50 PM

I have had a busy last few weeks with so many people wanting readings for the New Year period. I have tried to accommodate where I can but there is a bit of a wait time now.  It is a time for people to let go of the old and bring in the new and to put into action the dreams and ideas that they have been thinking about.    


I am so pleased to have heard from one of my regular clients who came to my Meditation for Fertility workshop late last year. She told me she was pregnant and so very happy. I was thrilled for as I know how much it meant to her. The workshop was for people who find it difficult to conceive in one way or another. The people that attended had either fallen pregnant and then miscarried, some had already had children but could not conceive again, some had never conceived despite checking out as fit and well and everything working as it should do for both partners The workshop was aimed at relaxation meditations and focusing on the positive side rather than the negative. I tend to work with meditation a lot as I find it extremely beneficial. Creative visualisation is very powerful indeed and can produce wonderful results. I did tell people that I was not going to promise a pregnancy for them but the aim of the workshop was to prepare them in the best way possible to be able to not worry and stress so much about not achieving pregnancy. I also gave them various exercises to focus on, a bit like cosmic ordering where you focus on the goal as if it has already happened. It is good to always focus on positive thoughts and visualise things as already having happened. I know it works from experience but there is a patience that is needed with this as nothing ever happens when it is not meant too. I always tell people that things happened when they are meant to and not before. All we can do is provide a relaxed and healthy happy environment to enable them to encourage it in to their lives. We all know that worrying about conceiving defeats the object as I do believe that there is a chemical set off by the brain that stops people getting pregnant, that’s my theory and the best way to conquer this is to take your mind off the obvious. Why do you think people get taken unawares with a pregnancy over and over when it’s the last thing on their mind? Simply because they are not thinking about it. I am hoping to run another workshop in a similar vein this year so please let me know if you are anyone else would like to attend.


To help yourself with conception try sitting in a room on your own and visualising yourself holding and nursing a baby. Visualise it as clearly as you can. Visualise the room filled with baby toys, clothes, nappies and a cot, anything to do with a baby. Make it as vivid as you can and really feel the moment. Then allow that visualisation to go and know that it will happen when it is meant to for the highest good of everyone concerned. Keep practicing!


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