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Welcome to 2014!!

Posted on January 7, 2014 at 5:15 PM


Hi Everyone!

Well what a wet and windy beginning to 2014! Everyone’s moods are ruled by the weather and when I used to work in a school and the weather was very windy the little darlings would become hyped up into a mad frenzy. They would be charging and running about the playground screaming and shouting at the top of their voices. I often wonder if people who live in a hot climate have the same sort of depressive feelings that everyone seems to have in this country when it is cold and grey out there. I suspect not so much as the sun gives everyone a feel good factor and we have a long while to wait for that at the moment! 


Yesterday Monday 6th of January was supposed to be a dark Monday, one of the most depressing of the year apparently. Most people went back to work, children went back to school and life went back to “normal” whatever that may be for you although definitely not for me as my life is anything but “normal” at times! Freud said that if you look up to the chimney tops then you can never feel depressed or low. It works like this – think of something that makes you feel down or depressed, then keeping that thought raise your eyes to the ceiling or the sky (good idea not to try this when you are driving or walking down a busy street)! You cannot retain that negative or depressive  looking up – try it and see – see you cannot! The one downside with this is that you cannot possible spend too much time looking upwards – you get a bad neck for a start and cannot see where you are going!


Whatever your aims and goals for 2014 are don’t be too hard on yourself about achieving them. My opinion is that everything is meant to be that is meant to be if you know what I mean. In other words, you are always in a situation – no matter how difficult, sad or awful, or indeed happy – where you are meant to be. You will not always know it at that time and it may be years even before you realise why this happened to you, but there will always be a reason.

TOP TIP: If feeling upset or negative about a situation that keeps getting inside of your head and you cannot let go of – keep that thought in your mind and look up to the ceiling or the sky, you wont be able to keep the negativity so it will go as you look upwards. Whilst looking up and feeling positive think of something cheerful or nice that makes you feel good. Keep that feeling as much as you can and keep looking up and doing this until you feel more balanced.



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