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Video Blog - Healing Silence

Posted on September 15, 2014 at 1:00 PM

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After a bit of a lapse in posting on here due to recovery from surgery, here is my latest video blog.  I just think that all things happen for a reason  and having time to sit and think and be in your own silence is sometimes necessary. It is all part of our spiritual path.


Feeling Spirit Around You and Cleansing your Aura and your Home

Posted on July 1, 2014 at 12:35 AM

This month I have recorded another blog as the last time I did this I got some good comments from people who found it useful.  I hope you enjoy these tips and insights into feeling spirit around you and also how to cleanse your energy, your aura and your home.  I hope you enjoy it! Just to say that these video blogs are not done professionally I record them myself and from the heart - they are not edited - mainly because I dont know how to! 

Here is the link for you.

Readings by Skype

Posted on June 8, 2014 at 12:50 AM

I like giving Skype readings. Some people find it difficult to travel to see me. I have worked in central London in Mysteries and also in Gravesend and Bluewater and more recently Bexleyheath in Kent. I know that some of my clients travel a fair distance and it can be time consuming for them and also means that occasionally they are late or get lost en route! People who live north of the Thames really never get their timing right as they are used to travelling by tube and we don’t have them this side of the river! This is where I find a suggestion of a Skype reading works very well. I have read for people all over the world. The States, Australia, New Zealand etc. I also give Skype readings to people in the UK because it is too far for them to travel. People ask how it works? I tell them that a Skype reading is good because it still enables me to tap into the energy of someone even though they are not sitting with me. It is good to be able to see a person’s face and see their aura when giving this type of reading.

I also give telephone readings but I do think that Skype gives an added boost to the reading and also it is free for the person calling too. Just recently I have been doing more Skype readings for people as I have been contacted by people that live further afield. A mediumship connection is also better when a reading takes place on Skype rather than over the phone as I can see the person that I am linking to better. I like working with people’s energy too and even though they are on a laptop I can still feel it! Don’t ask me how that one works but trust me it does! 


However anyone wishes to have their reading I always say just enjoy it, go with the flo and you will receive what you need to receive. 



I am also available to give one to one psychic/spiritual development assessments by Skype also.If you do decide to have a Skype reading or assessment  or class with me do get in touch with my through my contact page on here and arrange a time and date.  You just need to pay me through Paypal on my Payment page in advance of the session. 


How Do You Know You Could Do This?

Posted on May 21, 2014 at 6:55 AM


How did you know you could do this work? That is a question that I am very often asked by a client. Well, I always knew or rather I knew I was a bit different because I have always been a bit more creative and open minded than a lot of people, I had a sort of knowing. I would have amazing dreams, and there were times that I just knew things that others didn’t. I thought everyone could sense what a person was like just by meeting them or have a good idea of how things were going to turn out in a situation. Obviously I was wrong but it didn’t occur to me that it was a wonderful gift or skill that I was given to use. I always say to people that this way of life chooses you and not the other way around!

I was put in situations that I had to sink or swim in and found that I got given spiritual help and guidance, I was thrown in at the deep end (all water bases analogies I know!) and just slipped into the role of being advisor and psychic to friends and family, it grew from there. I did an extensive amount of training and reading and research and there is a huge abundance of knowledge out there still for me to tap into and I am continually learning. Don’t be in a rush to do this work, let it come to you in the way it needs to is my advice to people. These days everything and everyone wants to fast track everything. You need to go through life’s experiences to be able to be a good counsellor, psychic, facilitator and that means time and experience. I look back and look at all the major catastrophes in my life and realise the reason they were put there in my way. I have learnt from them all however hard it was at the time.

I find it difficult at times, there are days where I tear my hair out at the way things work out. I find the strength and carry on. In the past 10 years I have accomplished so much, I have had my written worked published both here and overseas, I have appeared as a presenter and psychic on Sky TV I have helped and worked with countless people who I would never had met if not for my work. It is a difficult pathway to walk but very rewarding.



What happens when you have a reading?

Posted on April 29, 2014 at 11:55 AM

Most people ask how a reading works and whether they need a psychic or a mediumship reading.  The truth is you will always get what you need at that time. I know that some come expecting me to materialise their love one in front of them and will accept nothing less.  The truth is that what really happens is that you will get given what you need at that moment in time.  Spirit cannot change your life and cannot tell you what to do and neither can I.  You are the master of your own destiny and all you can do is put it out to the universe and let it do it's work.  Here is a link to a short video of myself explaining how a reading can work.  Hope you find it useful!




Posted on February 18, 2014 at 5:35 AM

Listening to a phone in on the subject of Loneliness it made me really think about why some people find themselves in this situation. It is obviously something that causes so much depression amongst people. Most people think of loneliness as a scene of a sad soul sitting in a bedroom with the curtains drawn feeling unhappy and rejected. Of course this can be the case with a lot of people. It can be lonely for some even if they have a loving family and/or friends around them as it is more about thinking and feeling that no one else understands you or is there for you in times of need.


The sudden gap that is left after losing a loved one can make people feel incredibly insular and lonely, even if their children or family and friends rally round. They can never replace the person that has gone and it has to be time that heals this particularly loneliness. Also it can be lonely to be seriously ill and feel like nobody can have the feelings that you do. Anyone who is going through a traumatic experience will feel very much alone.


There is of course the standard loneliness of people who have no real friends or family to turn to at all. Some people are very private and therefore tend to keep people at arm’s length by choice. Unfortunately I have seen the damage this can do eventually as in the end people stop trying to be friends and the lonely person will end up with no one at all. Some lonely people have difficulty engaging with others and being sociable. This is very sad as not everyone has a sparkling personality or knows how to make others laugh and listen. There are some tips that can help with engaging in conversation with people although not everyone will use them.

I once read for a woman who had no friends at all, no work colleagues, no social life and no family around them. She wanted to know when she would meet her “true love”. Considering she never went out anywhere and didn’t work with any men, or have any friends to go out with, or had any intention of finding anything to remedy it I had to put her straight! I told her she would only meet her “true love” if she put some effort into it herself. She only ever went out to work and the supermarket and although it was a possibility she might meet someone in the checkout queue I thought it highly unlikely given her sense of keeping the whole world away right from her unless it was Mr Right! She got a bit cross with me for pointing out the obvious but her man was not going to drop down the chimney without any input from her was he? You need to work at some things in life which are difficult but nevertheless necessary if you want to achieve something in your life.


Some churches are good places to go if feeling on your own. I am not a religious person as I like to think of myself being a spiritual person rather than worship one god. I am not averse to going to church related events as long as I am not preached at and there are some fantastic clubs and events that are held under the umbrella of a church and they open their arms willingly to anyone that goes along. Joining drama clubs and choirs are another way of getting involved or even working as a volunteer at something to keep you occupied without feeling awkward. Life is different for everyone and some may not need the contact of their fellow men whilst others cannot bear their own company for longer than 3 mins at a time. We are all different. No one should feel alone in this day and age but for some it is not an option.

Some tips:

If you find engaging in conversation hard, ask the person you are talking to a few questions about themselves and be complimentary no matter how hard it is. When someone is talking to you, keep bringing back your attention to your toes and how they are to keep your mind in the moment. Sounds odd but we can let our minds wander sometimes and it does show on the face and this trick keeps you in the moment.

Don’t turn down offers to go out and have some fun even if you feel it is not your scene. Things can evolve from this and you may enjoy it. 


Look at your local church activities online and you may be pleasantly surprised at what there is on offer that is not actually “religious” if that is not what you want. People that attend these events tend to be very caring and considerate to others and aware of some insecurity in others. It seems that the church draws that caring to it. 


Don’t feel you are the only one in the world that feels like this. There is more loneliness than ever before in this day and age as everyone is more mobile, moving away even overseas more and leaving people behind. 


Keep smiling, nothing like a smile to make friends!


Meditation and Visualisation

Posted on January 21, 2014 at 3:50 PM

I have had a busy last few weeks with so many people wanting readings for the New Year period. I have tried to accommodate where I can but there is a bit of a wait time now.  It is a time for people to let go of the old and bring in the new and to put into action the dreams and ideas that they have been thinking about.    


I am so pleased to have heard from one of my regular clients who came to my Meditation for Fertility workshop late last year. She told me she was pregnant and so very happy. I was thrilled for as I know how much it meant to her. The workshop was for people who find it difficult to conceive in one way or another. The people that attended had either fallen pregnant and then miscarried, some had already had children but could not conceive again, some had never conceived despite checking out as fit and well and everything working as it should do for both partners The workshop was aimed at relaxation meditations and focusing on the positive side rather than the negative. I tend to work with meditation a lot as I find it extremely beneficial. Creative visualisation is very powerful indeed and can produce wonderful results. I did tell people that I was not going to promise a pregnancy for them but the aim of the workshop was to prepare them in the best way possible to be able to not worry and stress so much about not achieving pregnancy. I also gave them various exercises to focus on, a bit like cosmic ordering where you focus on the goal as if it has already happened. It is good to always focus on positive thoughts and visualise things as already having happened. I know it works from experience but there is a patience that is needed with this as nothing ever happens when it is not meant too. I always tell people that things happened when they are meant to and not before. All we can do is provide a relaxed and healthy happy environment to enable them to encourage it in to their lives. We all know that worrying about conceiving defeats the object as I do believe that there is a chemical set off by the brain that stops people getting pregnant, that’s my theory and the best way to conquer this is to take your mind off the obvious. Why do you think people get taken unawares with a pregnancy over and over when it’s the last thing on their mind? Simply because they are not thinking about it. I am hoping to run another workshop in a similar vein this year so please let me know if you are anyone else would like to attend.


To help yourself with conception try sitting in a room on your own and visualising yourself holding and nursing a baby. Visualise it as clearly as you can. Visualise the room filled with baby toys, clothes, nappies and a cot, anything to do with a baby. Make it as vivid as you can and really feel the moment. Then allow that visualisation to go and know that it will happen when it is meant to for the highest good of everyone concerned. Keep practicing!


Welcome to 2014!!

Posted on January 7, 2014 at 5:15 PM


Hi Everyone!

Well what a wet and windy beginning to 2014! Everyone’s moods are ruled by the weather and when I used to work in a school and the weather was very windy the little darlings would become hyped up into a mad frenzy. They would be charging and running about the playground screaming and shouting at the top of their voices. I often wonder if people who live in a hot climate have the same sort of depressive feelings that everyone seems to have in this country when it is cold and grey out there. I suspect not so much as the sun gives everyone a feel good factor and we have a long while to wait for that at the moment! 


Yesterday Monday 6th of January was supposed to be a dark Monday, one of the most depressing of the year apparently. Most people went back to work, children went back to school and life went back to “normal” whatever that may be for you although definitely not for me as my life is anything but “normal” at times! Freud said that if you look up to the chimney tops then you can never feel depressed or low. It works like this – think of something that makes you feel down or depressed, then keeping that thought raise your eyes to the ceiling or the sky (good idea not to try this when you are driving or walking down a busy street)! You cannot retain that negative or depressive  looking up – try it and see – see you cannot! The one downside with this is that you cannot possible spend too much time looking upwards – you get a bad neck for a start and cannot see where you are going!


Whatever your aims and goals for 2014 are don’t be too hard on yourself about achieving them. My opinion is that everything is meant to be that is meant to be if you know what I mean. In other words, you are always in a situation – no matter how difficult, sad or awful, or indeed happy – where you are meant to be. You will not always know it at that time and it may be years even before you realise why this happened to you, but there will always be a reason.

TOP TIP: If feeling upset or negative about a situation that keeps getting inside of your head and you cannot let go of – keep that thought in your mind and look up to the ceiling or the sky, you wont be able to keep the negativity so it will go as you look upwards. Whilst looking up and feeling positive think of something cheerful or nice that makes you feel good. Keep that feeling as much as you can and keep looking up and doing this until you feel more balanced.